bed cleaner to vacuum your mattress and extract dust mites, pollen, viruses and pollen.


Essential for a truly clean home, the RAYCOP cleaner works to eliminate common allergens and microscopic intruders. Learn more

conserve and save water and energy be doing less loads of laundry

Reasons to Use

Leaves your home looking cleaner and feeling fresher – and your family breathing more freely –without wasting water and energy. Learn more

3x more effective than a vacuum

Research & Development

Learn how patented RayClean Technology® captures common allergens and extracts potentially harmful microorganisms. Learn more

RAYCOP Allergen Vacuums: Fast Facts

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a single mattress may be home to as many as 10 million dust mites and a multitude of bacteria and viruses. Here’s where RAYCOP goes to work to efficiently sanitize all your home fabrics.

  • Proven RayClean Technology® uses a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter to capture over 99% of common allergens and ultraviolet light to deactivate the DNA of potentially harmful microorganisms.
  • The optimized synergy of UV sterilization, vibration, suction and filtration works to carefully sanitize even your most delicate fabrics.
  • Saves water and energy – the quickest way to purify bed linens without having to run the washer.
  • Cuts back on the cost and hassle of professional cleaning for fabrics like upholstery, drapes, decorative accent pillows, even clothes.
  • Backed by ongoing research designed to help people breathe easier, sleep more soundly and improve air quality throughout the home.

Introducing RAYCOP Allergen Vacuums

Whether you choose LITE, RS2 or both, you will quickly see the effectiveness of RAYCOP allergen vacuums. The unique power behind every RAYCOP is its patented and proven RayClean Technology®.

RAYCOP bed cleaners sanitize and extracts allergens, dust mite matter, pollen, and viruses. Vacuum your mattress regularly with RAYCOP purifiers

Designed to sanitize delicate to coarse fabrics with an easy glide

How to Use

The RAYCOP allergen vacuum is easy to use. Just slowly glide back and forth a few times along the surface of any fabric. The suction is specifically calibrated to ensure there is no damage to any fabric, from your sleek bed linens to your coarser upholstered fabrics.

Where to Use

Unlike a regular vacuum, you’ll find your RAYCOP allergen vacuum instantly useful throughout the home – everywhere you live, sleep and eat. A quick way to clean your bed and table linens, you’ll especially love it for fabrics that can’t just be tossed in the wash, like your upholstery and drapes.

RAYCOP’s unique features deliver the highly effective synergy of UV sanitization, vibration, suction and filtration for a truly fresh home environment.

Great for everywhere your family lives, sleeps and eats all through the home


Dr. Michael Lee created RAYCOP with the vision to help people lead healthier lives by improving their quality of life, helping people breath and sleep easier.

Since 2005, many customers in Japan and other parts of the world have attested to the fact that using RAYCOP products have helped to create a cleaner environment in their home and improved their overall quality of life.

Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, RAYCOP has more than 500 employees and is the #1 home surface cleaner in Japan with over 75% market share and more than 4 million units sold to date.

In 2016, RAYCOP strengthened its global presence with the addition of a North American headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area. The company currently holds offices in Seoul Korea, Shanghai China as well as distribution agents covering the Asian and European markets including:  Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Czech Republic, Germany, and Poland.

Why RAYCOP Was Created

A Doctor’s Work Starts by Listening to Patients

As a physician, I often heard concerns about allergies and asthma symptoms caused primarily by irritants in dust, dirt and pollen. These are usually unseen by the naked eye. Learn more

unique-featuresRAYCOP’s Unique Features

RAYCOP allergen vacuums use an optimized synergy  of UV sanitization, vibration, suction and filtration to carefully sanitize even your most delicate fabrics. Learn more

dsc3124-compressorResearch & Development

Backed by ongoing in-house and third-party research designed to help people breathe easier, sleep more soundly and improve air quality throughout the home. Learn more

Working Executive and Mom

I’ve been using our regular vacuum on the mattress because my daughter suffers from allergies. I’m so excited that I can use RAYCOP instead because the UV lamp sanitizes.  Now the vacuum will stay where it belongs – on the floor. Meet Pam

Working Executive and Mom
New Mom and RAYCOP user for over a year

I wanted to keep my baby’s surroundings clean and free of dust and pollen. RAYCOP has supported me in doing that. Meet Ms. Kimura

New Mom and RAYCOP user for over a year
Allergy Sufferer

My mom loves using the RAYCOP purifier to help me with my allergies.  Meet Naomi

Allergy Sufferer
Urban dweller who has a lot of visitors

RAYCOP is a gentle, yet powerful tool. The proof was when a friend who is very sensitive to dust slept over on my couch and had no problem.  Meet Andrew

Urban dweller who has a lot of visitors

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RAYCOP’s commitment to quality that our cleaners are free from defects in material and workmanship.

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