Raycop Vacuum Stick it to viruses,
bacteria & dust mites.
Hospital quality UV light sanitization, HEPA filtration, & dual motor brushes come together in a single device that removes 99.5% of household allergens, bacteria, and viruses. Shop Stick Vacuums

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Our sticks models are engineered to clean and sanitize any surface with
UV+, HEPA Filtration and Pulsating Brushes.


Designed from the ground up to sanitize your bedding and other soft surfaces
with hospital-grade ultraviolet light, powerful pulsation, HEPA filtration, and air
redirect technology that won’t bunch up your sheets.
RayClean Technology™

For viral sanitization,
UV+ scores an A+.

At the heart of RayClean Technology™ is the sanitizing
power of UV light. Just a few seconds of exposure to
ultraviolet light kills and inactivates viruses. Scientifically
speaking, UV light disrupts a virus’s DNA and RNA, making it
impossible for the cells to perform vital functions. From
a practical perspective, it’s a natural, chemical-free way
to destroy viruses and bacteria in your home.
For the enlightened homeowner,
a vacuum designed to use
ultraviolet light to sanitize
surfaces and remove 99.5+%
of household allergens.
Pulsation beats more than 30,000 times per
minute to remove allergens and pet hairs.

A better weapon for
beating allergies.

The newly developed pulsating brush removes more fur and hair than ever before. The flexible, vibrating, and rotating brush performs 18,000 pulsations per minute; loosening pet dander, dust mites, and other allergens on your surfaces.
PureAir HEPA

Stick it to the things that
make you sneeze.

Tired of struggling with household allergens?
Dust, dander, bacteria, and viruses don't stand a
chance against PureAir HEPA Filtration.

Form elevates function with
our award-winning design.

From spills you can't miss...

Our Omni series of UV+ vacuums clean and sanitize like no
other, but we’re also ready for life’s everyday messes!

Best-in-class suction ensures that whatever life throws at you, we’ll clean it up!

...to things you can’t see.

Pollen. Dust mites. Viruses and bacteria. You don’t see them,
but they’re there, and they can cause real problems.

From virus and bacteria-killing UV+ light sanitization, to
steamless, mite-killing heat, to allergen loosening pulsation,
the Raycop family of products ensure that your home is truly
as clean as it looks!

Stick or Handheld?

Our Raycop FLEX system means that our stick vacuums have a remarkable ability to adapt to meet all your cleaning needs.
Our handhelds are purpose-built for soft surfaces and do that job like no other. From steamless heat, allergen-dislodging pulsating brushes to Air Redirect Technology to keep even your most delicate fabrics from getting sucked into the vacuum, it is the ideal tool for beds, sofas, curtains and more.

Tips & Insights

Clean deeply. Breathe easy.

“I’m extremely impressed with the RAYCOP. The user guide is intuitive and the ease of use is great. This product will help relieve my husband and I from uncovered dust mites, dirt, and allergens that creep into our home especially from our German Shepherd. We are excited to bring our cleaning to the next level! Thank you for building an innovative, life-changing product!” -Amazon Reviewer
“This has saved my life. It works exactly as stated and I’ve used it on all my furniture and I am no longer coughing, sneezing, and no more congestion. Thank you Raycop for this technology.” -Amazon Reviewer
“Great product easy to use. I can’t believe the amount of unseeable pet dander and debris that I’ve collected. My house feels much cleaner! Thank you.” -Amazon Reviewer