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RAYCOP products are authorized to be sold online through a few retailers including Amazon. RAYCOP does not currently sell on eBay directly and do not authorize any resellers on that marketplace. Some resellers on Amazon and eBay sell older models from overseas but these may not meet the same electronic requirements, such as voltage, for North American use.  These resold products will not be covered by the warranty and support we offer to our RAYCOP North America customers. When shopping on Amazon, purchase the RS2, LITE or LITE stand through the default seller RAYCOP North America Inc. to ensure you are purchasing from us directly and will have full access to our customer support and warranty.

RAYCOP North America offers U.S. based customer support. Our representatives can be reached at or by phone at 866.8RAYCOP, M-F from 9-5 PST.  They can assist with questions related to how and where the allergen vacuum should be used, as well as help troubleshoot any issues.

Go to to learn more about RAYCOP’s warranty coverage and our 30-day money back guarantee.

Regular vacuums are designed primarily to suction up debris from carpets and floors and do not sanitize.  RAYCOP allergen vacuums are specifically designed to sanitize and can be used on heavy to delicate fabric surfaces throughout your home.

RAYCOP is the pioneer and market leader in ultra-violet light allergen vacuums.  We design, test, and manufacture our products with the highest quality standards.  There are other similar products on the market; however, they do not go through the same rigorous testing and manufacturing process and might not perform as reliably as a RAYCOP allergen vacuum.

There are several ways to reach RAYCOP, but email is the fastest way to make sure your messages are received:

Or call us at 866.8RAYCOP: Monday – Friday from 9am-5pm (PST)

If your order as not shipped yet, simply go to My Account to edit your order.  If your purifier is on it’s way to you, contact


  • Insert the power plug into the outlet and check that the power button is lit in red. If the power button  is not lit, check that the power plug is firmly inserted into the outlet.
  • Check that the power supply is 120V, 60Hz.
  • Check that the outlet is functioning properly by plugging in another electrical appliance.
  • Make sure the dust box and dust box filter are securely attached.

Because the RAYCOP is protected by a motor overheating device, the suction will temporarily stop if:
The dust box or dust box filter is clogged with house dust and/or dirt.

  • The intake is clogged.
    • The RAYCOP was operated continuously for more than 30 minutes, pressed too firmly against the fabric, or the motor has overheated.
      After pulling out the power cord, clean the dust box and check that the intake is not clogged. Wait for about 2 hours and resume using the product. (The waiting time can differ depending on the ambient temperature).
  • If the dust box filter is clogged or suction strength decreases:
    • Protein (such as skin flakes) in house dust causes clogging. Periodically soak the filter in neutral detergent diluted with water (water to detergent ratio = 9:1) for about 5 minutes and then thoroughly wash out the filter using a brush.
  • The dust box filter has been used for 10 minutes every day for 5 to 6 months. Cleaning the clogged filter by soaking, as described above, does not remedy the problem because the filter is torn.
    • Replace the dust box filter with a new one from RAYCOP.

RAYCOP allergen vacuums are designed to provide suction appropriate for extracting mites and house dust without entangling the fabric.

Check to make sure the dust box and intake are not clogged with house dust and/or dirt. Also check that the exhaust opening is not blocked and that the dust box filter and micro HEPA filter are clean.

  • As a built-in safety feature, the UV lamp will not light if the target detection sensor on the underside of the RAYCOP is moved away from the fabric a certain distance. Check that the RAYCOP is in close contact with the fabric.
  • The UV lamp might not light if house dust, foreign objects or other substances enter the range of the target detection sensor on the underside of the RAYCOP.
  • The UV lamp might not appear lit if the fabric is dark in color.

The silver bead inside the UV lamp is essential for functions such as turning the lamp. The rolling bead sound you hear is normal.

It’s a combination of dead mites, mite feces and flakes of human skin.

No, you can use your RAYCOP without removing fabric covers. Since house dust, dead mites and mite feces are all miniscule, they are extracted through the fibers of fabric covers.

  • No, as a safety measure, the UV lamp automatically turns off when the RAYCOP is turned upside down because the target detection sensor is moved away from the fabric.
  • To make sure the UV lamp is turned on, check the blue UV lamp indicator light on the front of the RAYCOP. The indicator light does not emit ultraviolet light. It is an LED light for the sole purpose of letting you know that the UV lamp is turned on.
  • As a precaution, do not look directly at the UV lamp or directly expose the skin as this can cause injury to humans and animals.

We do not recommend using your RAYCOP allergen vacuum overseas since variations in voltage may cause damage or fire.

  • Yes, a rubbery odor is normal for about 3 months after purchase.
  • You might also detect a strange odor if the micro HEPA filter is clogged. If this happens, replace this filter even if before the normal replacement cycle.

Yes, this is caused by the ultraviolet light from the UV lamp and is not a malfunction or defect.

Yes, the safety circuit stops the brush rotation if excessive force is applied to the vibrating pads or brush due to pressing the fabric too forcefully. The brush will start rotating again about 3 seconds after it stops.

RAYCOP N.A. offers U.S.-based customer support by representatives who can be reached at or by phone at 866.8RAYCOP, M-F from 9-5 PST.  They can assist with questions related to how and where the cleaner should be used, as well as help troubleshoot any problems and provide information on our 30-day money back guarantee and how to process returns.

Seeing is believing.  In just minutes, you’ll see your dust box filter covered with debris and particles that the naked eye normally does not see.

RAYCOP works with many third-party laboratories to continually innovate product design, improve product performance, and rigorously test to ensure that our allergen vacuums effectively eliminate bacteria, pollen, allergens, and dust mite matter.

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