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Handheld vacuums are Raycop’s best selling vacuum since 2007. We strive to improve and become more effective and efficient in sanitizing fabrics and provide our customers with a better user experience. All Raycop handhelds incorporate our patented RayClean Technology™ to remove 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, and allergens from your home.


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Simple, Versatile, Compact, And Affordable.

Suction, pulsating pads, and UV light in RayClean Technology™, plus clean air exhaust and a washable dust bin make up the essentials of an effective allergen vacuum.


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A must-have for pet owners.

The newly developed pulsating brush removes more hair and pet hair than our other models. The flexible, vibrating and rotating brush performs 18,000 pulsations per minute.


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The first in the US to use Steamless Heat Technology.

With 150°F of steamless heat, the RS Pro gets you close to 100% dust mite allergen elimination.

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Clean deeply. Breathe easy.

“Oh my this little machine works so well. I am impressed and over the moon. You don’t know how much you need this product until you get it and use it. I highly recommend it. You can’t wash your mattress in the washing machine but this will clean and sanitize it.” -Bella214
“My husband and I were so surprised to see the dust that comes off of the pillows, mattress, etc. I would have never thought there was that much dust off a pillow that is in a zipper protector case plus a regular pillowcase. This machine will be part of the cleaning routine in this house.” -Cap31
“…I was surprised at the amount of stuff that was living in my bed and in my sofas. The touch is very ergonomic. All in all, it gets the job done really well. You will immediately feel the difference when you lie on your bed.” -Keith91